Should Your Business be on Pinterest—an Infographic « Zoom Creates Blogs

Should your business/organization or YOU, for that matter, be on Pinterest? The following is my summary of a good piece from Zoom Creates a blog that helps you answer that question with a decision tree infographic.

One of the key strategic decisions any organization must make is “which social network should we invest our time and resources into?” Pinterest’s popularity and ability to convert “pinnees” to sales / action makes it a strong candidate to consider as a first level strategic network for your plan. But, as the infographic shows, it’s not for everyone (like just about every other social networking platform–I will argue that due to size and expansiveness, Facebook is now a “need to be on” platform).

In summary, Zoom Creates has created a Pinterest decision tree infographic which asks 4 questions that that need to be answered to determine if Pinterest is the right platform for your business. Your responses will lead you to a good strategic decisions about your business/organization’s involvement in Pinterest:

1. Can you invest the time and effort to be active on Pinterest? As I stated above, this is the first question you should ask yourself about any social network. Where will you get the most “bang” for your social media “buck”?

2. Do you have visually stimulating imagery available to you or can you create it? Given Pinterests strength as a photo display montage this is a must if you plan on using Pinterest.

3. Are your customers on Pinterest? I think this is a tougher question for many smaller businesses/organizations to answer. In my experience, creating a customer persona has not been a common practice for many small businesses but it needs to be. If you know who your customers are, then you can answer this question. It may be just the thing you need to get your organization to address this key strategic initiative.

4. Do you have more than yourself to promote? This question gets at the fact that Pinterest is much more product oriented and, not unlike any other social network, will not work well if you simply promote “you”. But, if you’ve answered the previous three questions, “yes”, this one shouldn’t be a stumbling block for you.

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