Committing Social Media Suicide or “All I Ever Need is Me”

Though hundreds of millions of people are streaming into online engagement (aka Social Media), one of the most common mistakes they still make is they talk way more than they listen.  It’s an easy trap to fall into.  Let’s face it, we find ourselves pretty interesting and important most of the time, don’t we.  We might not make that statement outright (though some might)  but inside we feel we have something to say.  And, for the most part, that’s what makes online engagement interesting…interesting people making interesting observations or sharing interesting perspectives or facts.  However, have you ever been in a place where everyone is talking at once.  NOISE.  Pure and simple noise.  And, no one leaves that environment better than he entered.  Isn’t the real gem of social media in the ability to ENGAGE with others?  That word connotes two way communication.  Someone sharing, someone listening.  Active listening is critical in relationships and pretty key in successful online engagement as well.

One of the guys I “listen” to is Brian Barela.  Brian is a social media expert who focuses on using social media in ministry.  In his blogpost entitled, Using Social Media to Listen and Build Influence, he gives some practical tips on how to engage more, and shout less.

I encourage clients to spend at least twice as much time listening and engaging with what others are doing than just shouting out what they are doing or why everyone should “check out their latest money-making, opinion shaping, can’t lose proposition, product or event.  In other words, as you scan the online content for what others are saying in your particular sphere of interest (city, hobby, affinity group, church, ministry, job, friends, family, et al) engage twice as much as you shout.  You may want to even start journaling to see how effective you are at listening and engaging.  If every Facebook entry you share (quotes, locations, dinner contents, etc.) isn’t offset by at least two likes, comments or sharing of someone else’s content, you might be the social party bully (and find no one is really listening).  Engage more…shout less.

That’s today’s 2Degree Top Of The Morning Tuesday Tip.

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