2 Degrees Media Strategies is a versatile and comprehensive digital marketing agency.  We focus on helping those who don’t typically have access to the resources to make social media work–namely churches, ministries, small businesses and non-profits.  When it comes to services, we focus on the following areas:

Training and Coaching

  • Online webinars that share practical tips and tools for free and more complete online training for fee available
  • Live Seminars/workshops
  • One to One or One to A Few Coaching–We will come alongside you with customized coaching based on your organizational needs and train you, your team or a subset of those who will be carrying the bulk of your social media weight.  These can be done over the phone or onsite based on your needs.

Execution and Implementation of Social Media campaigns/strategies

  • If you don’t have the inhouse resources, we will be your social media marketing team.  That includes the creation, development and implementation of various tools, applications and tactics.  Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Profiles and Business pages, etc., are just some of the tools we will help you with.
  • We can help you get started and turn it over to you or be your ongoing social media team.
  • We will also help you as periodic reviewers of your campaigns and strategies.  As you carry out your plans, we can step in to help you analyze areas of success and what you might be able to do better to engage your fans, followers and friends.

Social Media Tool Training & Audit services

  • Facebook Pages (we will help you optimize your page for effective engagement as well as offering an audit of your page with a report of recommendations for you to deploy)
  • Facebook Ads (we will consult with you to help you prepare a Facebook Ad campaign to increase LIKES, develop a contest to drive customers in a name acquisition effort or can be hired to do it for you)
  • Twitter (Twitter is simple but can be a challenge to master.  We will help you understand the dynamics of Twitter, how to use it in conjunction with your overall strategy and learn to use some of the unique features of Twitter as well as some key adjunct services to help you manage this tool)
  • LinkedIn (LinkedIn is a key tool for not only professionals and those looking for work but for engaging with like-minded groups around topics that interest and impact you and your organization—we’ll help you understand the ins and outs of LinkedIn)
  • Google +, Pinterest, Etc. – We are knowledgeable in all the major social networking environments and will help you understand the ones that you need to be actively engaged in.
  • Blogging (we will help you evaluate your need to blog, a blogging strategy and get you going with a content calendar along with best practice implementation)
  • Website Optimization (including SEO help, keyword development, navigation and site analysis and Google Adwords)


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