Do you live up to the Hype?

Have you taken time to read any online comments or recommendations of you and/or your organization? I just went to read some of the references people have written about me on LinkedIn. It was humbling but a good reminder of two things.

First, like it or not, you are often who others say you are when it comes to online identity. It might be the only thing that others see before making a decision on hiring, buying from or engaging with you.

Second, if your online presence doesn’t reflect who you really are it’s time to make some changes. One of the keys of using online engagement well is how you interact and respond with others. When the “real you” shines through your updates, interests, and comments people will engage with you. If you have to be someone you’re not online, it will eventually be exposed and because of the nature of the medium, your reputation will go down much faster than what it took to build. In other words BE YOU in all of your online activity.

I just bought an item on eBay that was advertised as being a name brand and it was about $15 cheaper than any of the same item out there. I’ve trafficked enough in online auctions to know that this seemed a bit strange. The seller was also new. All of the perfect conditions for a bad purchase. But, I thought “I was once a new seller and hoped someone wouldn’t hold that against me.”. So I pulled the trigger. This morning I got this email:

i need let you known the keyboards have not any [namebrand] case on it,if the products with a logo is difficult to ship,please kindly understand.
Thank you too much

I knew immediately that I bought a knockoff. And, when I went back online today, I saw that the sellers items now had the word “similar” in the description (I didn’t get that version).

Online presence and being in this for the long haul requires you to be real. I will be able to get this transaction reversed and I’ll buy another one. But, I’ll never buy another one from this seller. That’s tragic. I may have intentionally purchased a knockoff if I had known.

So, online, be yourself. Don’t be a knockoff because the ripple is not worth it. Reality doesn’t mean rudeness. But it does mean being up front, honest and truthful. Don’t be anyone online that you wouldn’t be if we met in person. You will have to live up to the hype, one way or the other.

That’s our 2degree difference maker today. Thoughts?

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