Why 2 Degrees?

So who, what and why is 2 Degrees? It’s not the temp in January in my home state of Minnesota or the increasing closeness we are to each other because of online connection (vs. Six degrees). It’s actually something that I’ve borrowed from John Trent, the author of the 2 Degree Difference: How Small Things Can Change Everything. I think John is right. Most major changes are not really made overnight but made through a series of smaller changes that ultimately make a big impact.

That’s how we see the use of Social Media, especially for smaller organizations that don’t have the resources to enter into this arena and go from wondering what Social Media is to how to incorporate it into the fabric of the organization. And, that is where we can help. We can help you gain a knowledge of the social media landscape and help you execute an appropriate strategy that will help you extend your reach, expand your mission and empower your message. Why? Because your message is too important to not be heard.

Here at 2 Degrees we’ll use our years of business background (more than 20 years with large, small and independently owned companies), our faith based ministry experience (more than 6 years as full time Christian missionaries who raised support to reach marriages and families) and our life journey (as a husband for more than 26 yrs, father of three young adult children, mentor, leader in the church and teacher) to help you get in the social media game and succeed!

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